When we lose someone close to us, we want to hold onto everything that reminds us of our loved one. The funeral is our last ‘good-bye’ and a day that can be hard to let go of. At the end of the day we find we have collected a wide array of keepsakes to commemorate the day. These keepsakes are important to us and we want to do whatever we can to preserve them. Here are 4 tips for preserving the special keepsakes from our loved one’s funeral.

1. Preserve Flowers

Flowers are the hardest thing to preserve, but it’s hard to part with something so beautiful that reminds us of the day we said good-bye to our beloved. Once your flowers have run their course, you could preserve them by drying them or pressing them. ProFlowers gives a really great instructions on how to dry your flowers.

2. Make a Scrapbook

If you’re trying to think of a safe place to keep the funeral program, letters from your friends and family, and pictures from the picture boards you put together, why not organize all of your keepsakes into a scrapbook? A scrapbook is a wonderful way to preserve the various programs, pictures and memorial items from the funeral. You can even press some of the funeral flowers and keep them tucked away in the scrapbook.

3. Keep it Safe in a Memorial Box

Some keepsakes don’t lend themselves well to a flat scrapbook. A memorial box can serve as a safe home for larger three-dimensional objects from the funeral.

4. Frame the Pictures

You worked so hard to put together your picture boards for the funeral service, when all is said and done the last thing you want to do is put the pictures back in their albums and tuck them away on the shelf. Keep these treasured pictures on display in your home but transfer them from the picture boards to frames and hang them on a wall dedicated to your loved one. You could even buy a collage frame so that all of the pictures of your loved one can stay grouped together as they were on the picture boards.

It’s important to find a good way to preserve keepsakes from the funeral as soon as you can. If you wait too long you run the risk of losing something very important to you.