Getting involved in the funeral service of the one you lost is a wonderful way to show your support, and it’s a proclamation of your love for that person. You should be able to find a role for anyone who is willing to help out with the funeral service. Nobody should feel as if their willingness to contribute is unappreciated. If you are organizing the funeral, keep this list of tasks ready to hand out in the event that friends and family start coming forward and offering their help.  Following are 5 ways to involve family in the funeral service.

1. Music During the Service

The church or funeral home will likely provide music during the funeral, but if there is someone amongst your family or friends who is musically inclined and would like to sing or play an instrument during the service, by all means invite them to do so.

2. Readers

There are several opportunities to read during the funeral service. If there are several people interested in reading, distribute the gospel readings among them. You could also have another person read a beautiful poem at some point during the service.

3. Picture Board Contributors

In order to share cherished memories with friends and family at the funeral you could display picture boards of your loved one. One person could take the lead on creating the picture boards and several others could help out with this project by collecting and sharing pictures from their own personal collection.

4. Greeters

A greeter is a great assignment for younger children or people who don’t feel comfortable getting up in front of people during the funeral to speak or sing. Have the greeters stand at the entrance and hand out programs for the service.

5. Pallbearers

Typically six men fill roles of pallbearer at the funeral. However, don’t be afraid to deviate from tradition if there are women interested in helping with this task.

It’s important to be sensitive with people’s wishes when it comes to involvement in the funeral. Be careful about pressuring people into doing certain tasks. You may think that your loved one’s brother would want to deliver the eulogy, but if he doesn’t feel up to it, move on and find someone else. And of course, you certainly don’t want to turn away help. If someone approaches you offering to help with the funeral, do your best to find a place for them in the service, even if it’s something small.