Celebration of Life – Turn a funeral into a celebration of life to give people the opportunity to remember the beloved for the things they did in life and the wonderful life they lived here on Earth. No matter what the circumstances, death is sad. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone we love. However, some people would rather their loved ones reflect on the celebration of life during the funeral rather than the sadness.

celebration of life

Share Stories at the Celebration of Life

One of the best best way to have a celebration of life during the funeral is to share stories; stories about their achievements, significant events, and even random stories about your loved one’s everyday life. During the service, you can allow anyone to come up and share a story or you can ask people to submit stories to the eulogist to share. The stories will help people to laugh and remember the departed the way they would want to be remembered.

Play a Video Montage at the Celebration of Life

If you have access to video footage of your loved one, you could compile a video montage to play during the funeral in lieu of a traditional eulogy or to play quietly during the visitation. The video will give friends and family a chance to see the departed doing the things he or she loved during life.

Set up a Memorial Website

You don’t have to be tech savvy to set up a memorial website. Many funeral homes now offer memorial websites as a service offering. The website allows friends and family to easily share their personal stories about your loved one. Collect these stories in a book and share the book with the funeral attendees to reminisce about more precious moments from your loved one’s life at the funeral.

Serve Celebration Cake

What says ‘Celebration’ better than a cake? We celebrate birthdays with cake, so why not celebrate the life your loved one with cake too? Pick up a sheet cake from your local baker that is decorated to show your love for the departed and the beautiful life they lived.

A celebration of life doesn’t mean there won’t be tears. People are still grieving the loss of someone they cared about deeply, but a celebration of life shifts the focus away from the loss and into the direction of a life lived to the fullest.

Why not use this opportunity to reflect on the gift of life and the wonderful person you all came to know and love?

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