In an instance, sudden death changes everything in your life and world.

A piece of your heart was lost.

You suffered an unexpected loss that will define and change your existence, teach you great lessons and reveal mysteries of life.

You experienced a sudden death you wish wouldn’t have happened and one that you couldn’t control. You underwent a loss you would’ve given up everything to prevent.

You may be left wondering, “Why am I questioning my faith?”
coping with loss
You may not have thought about your faith as much as you do now given your circumstance. At the same time, you’ve likely never felt such little faith as you do now. To believe in faith is easy when everything is simple and stress-free, but when something bad happens, faith becomes confusing and complicated.

Some suffering is so extraordinary, that even the most spiritual people wonder if their higher power cares about them or even if there is such a thing. Although I believe a universal power is near, you may sense the absence and feel alone like never before. After all, you many wonder,
“How could a higher power allow such searing pain and terrible loss?”

The presence of sprit may be closer to you now than it was ever before, but in the fog of pain it is difficult to feel or believe. In retrospect, after losing my parents many years ago, I can see how the universe was providing invisible support, but I didn’t see or recognize it. Perhaps like
you, I wondered,” “How could something so terrible happen to me?”

I questioned, ‘What did I do wrong?” Now, I understand, no one is immune to death. If you are like most people, you may not want to think about or face your or another person’s mortality. So when a death occurs, you may feel even more ill-prepared, shocked and alone. You may feel your faith or religion has failed you.

Grief may force you to explore your feelings about your own spirituality, which can help you discover a very loving and magical connection. You may even find through this experience that what you thought you believed actually isn’t how you feel at all. Loss changes your outlook.

If you feel disconnected spiritually, this may be a good time for deeper reflection. Many times people find a different type of connection after loss. Some say their relationship with a spiritual power grows even stronger.

Many people feel angry with God or a higher power; that is acceptable and common. But it is important to process this anger. You can do this by talking to someone, perhaps a spiritual counselor or minister. You can even look to others who have gone through loss and see how they found strength in their divine connection.

The important thing to remember is that you have every right to practice and question your faith.

How will faith play a role in your healing?

Sorrow looks back,

Worry looks around,

Faith looks up.

~ Author Unknown