Memories are most vivid when there is some type of sensory stimuli to associate with it. For example, a picture to look at will help you remember the vacation you took with your loved one, listening to a song can help you remember your first date, and a physical keepsake could help you remember what they looked like when they left for work in the morning. Here are 4 ideas to creatively cherish the memories of your loved one for the rest of your life.

1. Photo Wall

Keep the memory of your loved one alive in your home with a wall dedicated to pictures of your loved one with all of the members of your family. If it helps, you can use pictures from the picture board you created for the funeral and visitation for inspiration to get started. You will look at your photo wall every day and remember the wonderful times you spent with your loved one.

2. Keepsake Box

Did your loved one leave you with something important? Sometimes a piece of jewelry, an item of clothing, a flower from the funeral, or a letter from that person is all we need to remember. Whatever that item is for you, it’s important to preserve that item so that it stays in tact for as long as possible. This Treasured Memories keepsake box is perfect for storing your keepsake and preserving it for years to come.

3. Write a Journal

There’s no better way to hold onto your memories than to write them down. Keep a journal with stories about you and your loved one. Try to write with as much detail and description as possible in order to really capture the memory. Ask other people to contribute to your journal and consider sharing it with friends and family.

4. Make a Mix Tape

Put together a compilation of songs that remind you of your loved one. Include songs you listened to with your loved one, songs they talked about, or just songs that make you think of them for whatever the reason may be.

When you lose someone close to you, it’s so important to hold onto the memory of that person for as long as you can. Although you can’t bring them back, you can cherish the memory of that person in your own special way.