Helping a child work through the grief of losing a parent is not an easy journey. It’s a time of confusion, anger, frustration and sadness. They want nothing more than to see their mom or dad again. To feel the comfort of their guiding hand and hear their familiar, loving voice. One way to help a child who is grieving the loss of a parent is to help them create memorial items that they can display in their room, to remind them of their parent whenever they are missing mom or dad the most.

1. Picture Mobile

A picture mobile is a whimsical way to display lots of family pictures in a child’s bedroom. Help your child look through family pictures and pick out 10 or so pictures to display in the mobile. Have the pictures laminated to prevent them from wearing and to keep them as flat as possible once they are hanging from the mobile. You can use wood dowels and durable string to construct the mobile and hang the pictures.

2. Canvas Print

Virtually any picture can be made into a canvas print of any size. Help your child pick out their favorite picture with their mom or dad and turn it into a large canvas print to hang in their room. There are a wide variety of specialty online stores that you can use to create your canvas, such as Picaboo, Shutterfly and Snapfish. Creating the canvas is as easy as uploading the picture and selecting the size of the canvas you want.

3. Message Box

What your child will miss the most about their mom or dad is talking to them. Telling them about their day at school and asking them questions. Help your child continue talking to their parent with a special message box that they keep next to their bed. Every night before they go to bed, they can write a little note to mom or dad telling them about their day or whatever’s on their mind.

4. Keepsake

Maybe your child was fascinated by a piece of their mother’s jewelry or a hobby of their father’s. For example if their dad was really into biking, give your child his helmet to keep on their shelf next to the bed. This keepsake will serve as a physical reminder of something their parent used to do or wear.

Although you can’t bring your child’s parent back to them, you can help them work through their grief and remember their parent. Help your child create something memorable and meaningful to display in their room for years to come.

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