1. Pay Attention to Yourself

The rug has been pulled out from under you. Pay attention to what you need both emotionally and physically.

2. Rest

Listen when that little voice tells you you’re too tired to do more. Incorporating extra rest into your day will be needed.

3. Ask For Help

Most people want to help you, and just do not know how. Give them the opportunity to help you by assigning specific tasks.

4. Pay Attention to Safety

You may feel distracted, forget what you are doing, react slowly to others or distance yourself. Because you may not notice your surroundings, consider incorporating safety precautions into daily activities.

My Experience

About two days after my mother passed away, while driving I was oblivious to anything around. One thing that got my attention was driving through a red light. No one was hurt, but I wondered how many other driving mistakes I made. When my mother-in-law lost her son, I knew better, and refused to let her drive. I drove her around, as we prepared for his funeral.

Wishing you safe travels,


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