A sympathy card is a great way to reach out to someone in their time of loss to express your condolences. You can usually find a sympathy card that does a great job of expressing your condolences in a powerful and meaningful way. However, it means so much more if you take the time to write a personal message in the sympathy card. The only problem is, coming up with the right thing to say can be very challenging. It’s hard to find words to express the magnitude of your sympathy and condolences. Here are some examples of condolence message ideas to write in your sympathy card when you don’t quite know what to say.

1. You Are in My Prayers

When a person is grieving they can take comfort in the fact that people are praying for them. It makes them realize that they’re not alone. Let the person know that you’re thinking about them and praying for them often.

“My heart goes out to you in your time of loss. Know that I am thinking of you often and I will keep you and your family in my prayers every day.”

2. I’m Sorry for Your Loss

Sometimes the best way to express your sympathy is to let them know that you are sorry. Not that it was your fault that their loved one died, but you’re sorry that it happened, sorry that they are grieving, sorry for the pain.

“I am so sorry for your loss. Your sister was such a wonderful person, she will be greatly missed by so many.”

3. My Favorite Memory of Your Loved One is…

Following the death of a loved one it can be so nice to hear stories about the departed. We can no longer see them or hear their voice, so stories about them help us to continue to feel connected to them and feel their presence. Write down your favorite memory of the departed in a sympathy card to share that special moment with their loved one.

“I will miss your father so much. It seems like just yesterday we were graduating college together. I will never forget the wonderful times we had together.”

4. I am Here for You

Losing a loved one can make us feel alone or abandoned. The overwhelming burden of grief that makes everyday living seem nearly impossible. Let your loved one know that you are here for them in their time of grief and that they can turn to you with whatever they need help with.

“I can’t even imagine what you’re going through right now. Know that if there’s anything you need, whether it’s a babysitter, grocery shopper or just a shoulder to cry on, you can always call on me.”

5. I Love You

Finding the words to say to our closest friends and family members during their time of loss can be the most difficult challenge. It is those people who we are the closest to that really leave us searching for just the right words to say. Why not take this time to let them know how much you love them? Bring comfort to your loved one during their time of pain and suffering by reminding them that they are loved.

“During this time of pain and sorrow, know that I love you and am here to help you through.”

The truth is, your message doesn’t have to be perfect. Your loved one will take comfort knowing that you put some thought and care into writing a personalized message. Think about what you would want someone to say to you during your time of grief and try to put that into words in your sympathy card.

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