5 Ideas to Support a Sick Loved One
Everyone has to be their own hero and live life their own way, it is no one’s decision. If we have loved ones who are sick and battling cancer, we can not tell them how to fight it but we can support them. We can love them, encourage them, and stand by their side as they choose what path they want to take. I encourage you to focus on supporting instead of debating. Below 5 ideas to support a sick loved one.

  1. Give them Comfort
    Give them something tangible like these “My Wish for You” Charms. Cancer fighters and their families can hold onto the charms and use them for comfort or strength when they need too. These small charms can be put into a pocket, a purse, or memory box for easy access.
  2. Give them Encouragement
    This pink ribbon cross makes a wonderful gift of encouragement and support to families affected by breast cancer.
  3. Send them Encouraging Fun
    Write an encouraging and loving message on a balloon, deflate and send in the mail. The will have to inflate it to read it.
  4. Send them Sunshine
    Put together a fun care package of fun, colorful items to brighten their day.
  5. Wear Your Supporto Support a Sick Loved One
    Proceeds from this t-shirt go to help a breast cancer patient in need. This is a great way to show your support and spread awareness. Or better yet, make your own Team XOXO shirts for the person you are supporting!