Our emotional outbursts can be our greatest enemy but our biggest savior. Sometimes we avoid calling friends, talking about our loved one, or participating in a holiday or event because we fear that it will be too hard. We fear that we won’t be able the pain and the emotions will take over. What is interesting is that sometimes the things that are the hardest actually aren’t that bad. Once the first holiday or birthday comes along, the anticipation is almost worse than when the day finally arrives.
5 Ways to Manage Bursts of Grief
Make sure to be an advocate for yourself and be open with your support system. Let your friends and family know that these emotional outbursts may happen and that you appreciate them letting you cry and talk through it. Below are 5 ways to manage bursts of grief:

  • Be Prepared for Tears.
    These fabric tissue totes are a must have! Tissues pull out quietly and they are fun and functional.
  • Hold Something for Comfort
    Get a worry stone and keep it with you in your pocket or purse. Rub between the index finger and thumb. This action is said to lessen stress and create feelings of calmness.
  • Take Grief Support With You
    Download a grief support app on your phone and have instant access to support when you need it.
  • Learn to Breathe
    Diaphragmatic breathing can help calm you down in less than a minute, it works best if practiced regularly and is one of the best healing tools you can do for yourself.
  • Try Guided Meditation
    Download a guided meditation app on your phone to help you relax and bring you to a place of comfort.