6 Tips to Help a Grieving Friend

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Be Compassionate – 6 Guidelines for Helping a Grieving Friend

  1. Give your friend permission to express his or her feelings without fear of criticism.  Let your friend feel safe with you.
  2. Learn from your friend; don’t instruct or set expectations about how he or she should respond.  Be open to what happens.
  3. Think about your helper role as someone who “walks with,” not “behind” or “in front of” the one who is mourning.  Walk with your friend through the grief journey.
  4. Allow your friend to experience all the hurt, sorrow and pain that he or she is feeling at the time.  Don’t try to “fix” things.
  5. Enter into your friend’s feelings, but never try to take them away.  Don’t try to offer solutions.
  6. And recognize that tears are a natural and appropriate expression of the pain associated with the death.  Let your friend cry…
  • Information from the Grief Works Library by Dr. Alan Wolfelt
  • See the complete library at www.WithSympathyGifts.com/resources
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