After Death Communication: - Is spiritual connection possible?

Is my loved one in heaven?

Is he or she okay?

These are questions you may struggle with since the answer is not known. However, I challenge you to listen to what your intuitive self or internal guidance is saying:

  • Have you felt your loved one being close to you?
  • Do you see “signs” at unexpected times or places?
  • Do you sometimes question if your loved one is near?

Do not disregarding these unusual feelings or hunches you have. They may be messages from your loved one, whose spirit is lovingly looking down and caring for you.

Just see and listen to what is around you…you may be surprised.

What do I mean by “signs” from loved ones? Many believe that our loved ones are always with us and are communicating from the other side in unique ways. In fact, reported examples of signs have included:

  • The scent of perfume or tobacco
  • A billboard message popping out at you
  • Overhearing a part of a conversation that applies to you
  • Hearing verses of a song
  • Seeing physical signs from an animal. (For example a cardinal pecking at your window sill or a bird hitting your window at the precise time you are thinking something).
  • Seeing evidence of your loved one’s image in the background of a photo
  • Having an “answer” pop into your heard when you need it
  • Receiving guidance when driving
  • Finding a feather, penny, charm or other physical object with a unique meaning
  • Lights, televisions or other electrical appliances flickering
  • The surprise growth of a special plant or flower


Have you noticed any signs of the presence of your loved one near you yet? At times when you feel relaxed, calm, and at a higher vibration, you are more likely to notice a connection.

Sometimes when we are so busy with life and grief work, our heads are foggy and not clear. When we most need a sign from heaven, we may not receive it because we are lost in our own world, and unable to comprehend what is going around us clearly, yet alone from the spirit world.

When you are in distress, it is harder for you to receive messages of hope and comfort. I remember in the first months of grieving, I cried a lot, slept, had headaches and didn’t each much. I survived on a diet of orange juice and chocolate chip cookie dough. I felt like I was thinking clearly. As I look back at my first year of grief, I didn’t recognize any “signs,” at the time and certainly would not have believed them.

Now, in reflection I did receive some subtle hints and nudges from the universe. As you begin to heal and have more moments of joy and relaxation, you will be able to get information that your loved one’s spirit is very well and watching over you.

Again, I challenge you to be aware of these hints from the universe…


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