Every now and then, especially after loss and bereavement, you need a “safe place” to cry, reflect, relax and just “be.” Consider establishing the gift of sacred space – a sanctuary for grief healing. Try a couch in the den, a soft chair by a sunny window or cheery patio. Choose whatever space feels comfortable and inviting to attend to your bereaved soul.

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Fill your safe place with items to help you feel tranquil, serene and peaceful. Consider photos of family, flowers, soft music, light fragrance or anything to lift your spirit. Ideally, it should be a place with no phones, interruptions, televisions and other family members…a place for you only.

This healing place will be your safe haven, a place away from the world. You can rest here after a long work day, a sleepless night, a burst of tears or a rough trip out into the world during bereavement.

Here, you can release grief and sorrow, be alone with thoughts and feel emotions. Make it a ritual to visit your safe haven. Here you will find comfort and solace as you continue healing from bereavement.

Where is your safe place?  Choose it today.

In Your Sacred Space

To make your sacred space more meaningful, surround yourself with pictures, mementos and anything symbolic of your relationship with the person who died. During this sacred time you can safely process your grief and attend to your bereavement; here are some helpful ways.

  • Write in a journal
  • Listen to music (your favorites or your loved one’s favorites)
  • Light a candle (to honor your grief and let yourself know it is now time to release painful feelings)
  • Pray
  • Invite your spiritual connection (so you are surrounded by love)
  • Movement (through dance or song)
  • Imagine the person you lost and talk to the person.
  • Cry and say all the things you wanted to say.
  • Say or write the things that were left unsaid.

By going into your sacred space, you give yourself a defined space and time to fully feel and experience emotion and grief. Try to visit for a few minutes each day; that’s very powerful because it gives the grieving part of you a cue that this is the time to honor, express and feel pain in a safe environment.

Healing Step

Close your eyes and imagine or look at a photo of your loved one. Imagine your loved one responding to you as you talk to him or her. This two-way communication provides powerful conversation and connection.

Even when you are not in your sacred space and time, continue this ongoing dialogue—it becomes a powerful tool to connect with the loved one when you need to during bereavement and in the future.

Action Step

Decide the location of your sacred space and the time period of your sacred time.
Gather one or two meaningful objects to add to your sacred space as you tend to your bereavement.

Will you give yourself permission to designate a sacred space and use it? If not, what is holding you back?

Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred. ~Rumi

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Chelsea Hanson

Chelsea Hanson is an author, grief educator, and founder of With Sympathy Gifts and  Keepsakes.  Her published work, grief support programs and online gift store have been  used by over 700 funeral homes across the country to provide comfort to those who  have lost loved ones. She is the author of six gift books and the upcoming book, Sudden  Death:  From Loss to Living Your Legacy, to be released in 2016. Plus, as a business growth coach for on-purpose entrepreneurs, Chelsea has the unique combination of being both heart-based and business smart. She can help your purpose-based business bloom in ways that feed both your spirit and bottom-line. Armed with over 20 years of business experience (and two successful businesses) she can  mentor you to make your business and life more enjoyable, sustainable and meaningful.