Read this message from a mom who lost a child, and you will know that it is better to ask, than say nothing at all….. Lets break the grief myth that it’s better not to ask.

Sympathy Support – “Hello from Heaven”

From Barbara Taylor Hudson 

Someone asked me about you today.

It’s been so long since anyone has done that.

It felt so good to talk about you,

to share my memories of you,

to say your name out loud.

She asked me if I minded talking

about what happened to you

or if it would be too painful

to speak of it.

I told her that I think of it

every day,

and speaking about it

helps me to release

the tormented thoughts

whirling around in my head.

She sad that she never realized

the pain would last this long.

She apologized for not asking sooner.

I told her, “Thanks for asking.”

I don’t know if was curiosity

or concern

that made her ask,

but I told her,

“Please do it again sometime soon.”