With Loss of Parent - Don't Lose Your Innocence

After losing my parents, someone once said to me: “You never really grow up, until you lose a parent.” This couldn’t be truer. There is something to be said about the sense of innocence being lost when your parent passes away. I was an adult when I lost my mother but the decisions I had to make regarding funeral arrangements and finances seemed “grown up” decisions. How often do we call mom or dad when we need advice or to make things better?

To help me cope with this, I realized that just because my mom died that doesn’t stop her from being my mom. And better yet, I know she is with me all the time now. Make a decision to connect with your parent spiritually. You will find great comfort in knowing they are watching you from above. Make a commitment to not lose your innocence. There is nothing more that a parent enjoys more than seeing their children happy. So as they watch over you from above, continue to laugh and play…because our time is precious.