Finding a way to adequately express your condolences isn’t easy. If you don’t know the bereaved very well, you don’t want to risk giving them a gift or card that offends them. Men can be especially challenging to shop for. They typically don’t appreciate figurines or jewelry the way women do. So how do you express your sympathy to someone who is so difficult to shop for?

Why not show your support and condolences with a gift basket? Gift baskets are meaningful, yet neutral, gifts that anyone would be thankful to receive.

A Basket of Tranquility

What could be more relaxing than a wide variety of hot beverages, chocolates and snacks? This Beloved Elegance Gift Basket includes Gourmet Euro Kitchen cookies, hot cocoa, relaxing Tazo tea, crackers and Cabernet cheese spread. The recipient of this basket will surely look forward to unwinding at the end of the day with any one of these soothing beverages and accompanying snack.

A Basket of Comfort

It’s called comfort food for a reason, and that’s because it warms the body and soul from the inside. The Comfort Foods Gourmet Gift Basket is filled with the finest sweets and the richest savory treats, including hearty mushroom and wild rice soup, dark chocolate toffee, caramel corn, bonbons and gourmet cheese spread. Your friend or family member will truly cherish this gift of comfort and indulgence.

A Basket of Sympathy

The recipient of the With Our Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket will truly understand your expression of sympathy. The basket features Elizabeth Garden designed pocket tissues and a burgundy wine scented candle to help the bereaved mourn their loss peacefully. They will also find joy in receiving the wide array of crackers, cheeses, chocolates and cookies included in the basket.

The versatility of gift baskets makes it easy to find one that is personal enough to show that you truly care, yet neutral enough that you won’t risk offending anyone in your attempt to express your deepest sympathy. There are so many unique gift baskets available, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to pick the perfect offering for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

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