Do you have faith? How has your faith changed since the passing of your loved one? Such a monumental life occurrence is bound to have some type of impact on our deep-rooted beliefs. For some, tragedy leads to doubt or a re-evaluation of their faith, while others feel stronger in their faith in the aftermath of death. Rather than blaming God for what happened or using your loss as an excuse to write off faith, allow your faith to help you through this hard time.

Faith Defined

-noun: A belief that is not based on proof.

Faith takes different forms for everyone. For some, faith has a religious meaning, whereby their faith is a belief in a higher power. For others faith takes the form of trust or confidence in someone. Whatever form your faith takes, the common denominator is that you have no proof to back this trust or belief. But something inside you leads you to believe it so.

How Has Faith Changed in the Wake of Loss?

Loss has a way of making us re-evaluate our faith, especially for those of us who have faith in God or some higher power. You may find yourself thinking, ‘Why would God do this to me, to our family?’ If you find your faith is shaken in the wake of death, ask yourself, what does your loss have to do with this belief you previously held so close? A belief so strong that you didn’t even need proof to know that it was true.

At a time when you feel so alone in the world, why not take the opportunity to strengthen your faith? Your faith should be an extension of your support group. It’s there for you during your darkest hour, to lift you up and help you feel whole again. If you’re feeling lost in your faith in the aftermath of death, it couldn’t hurt to reach out to someone to help you see the light.

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