Where your loved one spends their final moments here on Earth is very important. Those final moments with your loved one are going to be in your memory forever, so you want to make sure the conditions are just right. You want to ensure that your loved one is as comfortable as possible and the atmosphere allows for you and your loved one to say your goodbyes in private. Ultimately, this is a decision only your loved one can make, so you’ll want to provide them with a few options and information about each option. Here are just a few things your loved one will want to consider when making the decision about where to spend their final moments.

Dying at Home

It’s hard to accept that your loved one has reached the end of their journey here on earth, but there comes a point when there truly is nothing else that can be done to bring them back from the terminal illness or injury that pulls them away. When that time comes, your loved one may decide they want to die in the comfort of their own home. Here are just a few reasons why dying at home might be the best option for your loved one:

  • It’s familiar – They don’t have to face their death while confined to the stark walls of the hospital
  • It’s private – They can say their goodbyes in the privacy of their own bedroom
  • It’s flexible – Their final days can be lived out at their own pace, eating and sleeping can be done on their terms, not the rigid schedule of the hospital
  • It allows your loved one to maintain a high quality of life as they can be surrounded by their friends, families and any possessions that might make their final days more enjoyable

Dying in the Hospital

The majority of people still die in the hospital. Although spending your final moments at home may provide your loved one with the most comfort and familiarity, there is an element of safety that is given up when you leave the constant care and attention of the hospital. If your loved one decides to spend their final moments at home, there will be a care-giver and possibly in-home medical professional, however it’s not the same as having a full medical staff at your disposal. Here are some of the reasons your loved one may decide to spend their final days under the care and attention of the hospital staff:

  • Doctors and nurses can monitor their condition and help them through the process of dying
  • Round-the-clock pain relief and symptom management
  • The strain of care is taken off the family so the final moments can be spent enjoying one another’s company rather than working to care for your loved one.

Ultimately, this is a decision that must be made by your loved one. As a loving family member or friend, do your best to provide them with their options and be supportive of whatever decision they make.

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