After you lose a parent, one of the biggest frustrations is finding people to talk and cry to. You may have family members that choose to not talk about your loved one because it is difficult. And if your friends haven’t lost a parent, they won’t understand. You may get frustrated by some of the things people say to you. If they haven’t gone through loss, people will usually say things like “At least you got the time you did” or “They are in a better place”. Don’t let these comments upset you. Be forgiving and recognize they are trying to be supportive.

It is very important to establish a network of friends and family that you do feel comfortable with while grieving. You may find yourself turning to other friends that have lost their parents because they understand what the pain is like. Do not be discouraged if you feel like you can’t turn to friends you used to count on. It doesn’t mean they aren’t your friends anymore. There is a reason why we have different people in our life. We are unique and offer special gifts. Your groups will change after loss and there is nothing wrong with that. Your values will change, which means your friends may too.

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