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Is it okay to talk to the person who died?

Talking to deceased loved ones is part of grieving and healing grief. 

When someone dies, the relationship with that person that does not die. Thus, it is natural to continue a dialogue. In fact, grief help in the form of talking silently in your head or aloud to your deceased loved one is an effective therapeutic outlet. Many believe they are heard and receive comfort in their grief. If you don’t already pray or talk to your loved one give it a try, as there are many benefits:

  1. Combat loneliness. When in need of companionship or grief help, it is beneficial to share how your day went. Look at a favorite picture as you share your thoughts. When you are in the car and around the house, talk to your loved one.
  2. Cope with grief. You may want to talk about how you are feeling to boost your confidence in your ability to survive your loss. Share your troubles to gain insight on how to tackle a problem.
  3. Solve problems. Perhaps you are uncertain in your actions without your loved one’s physical presence. Share what is troubling you to see if a solution may pop into your mind right away or the next day.
  4. Release emotions. Because you have such a variety of feelings when grieving, having an outlet to release feelings can provide peace and comfort. Anytime you are in the process of release, you are allowing space for something more beneficial to enter.
  5. Honor your loved one. Perhaps you want to start out your day with a morning hello and end the day with an evening good night. This is a simple act of remembrance that you can use each day.


With the many benefits of talking to your loved one, here are some questions you may want to explore:

What do you want to ask your loved one?
For example, you might want to ask, “Why did you leave me?” Or “Why didn’t you tell me?

What would you like your loved one to know?
Say it today.

Perhaps you are wondering about what your loved one wanted to tell you.
For example, you could ask, “What would you want me to know?” Or “What didn’t you get to tell me?” Ask today.

Remember, your loved one is only a thought away and has a permanent spiritual presence in your life.


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