If you are experiencing grief, Christmas can be one of the hardest times of the year.  And Christmas is especially hard if it is your first Christmas without your loved one.   To survive the holiday season, consider these grief support holiday survival tips:

1. Know your limits.  If you are tired or don’t feel like doing something, you can choose not to do it.  The most important thing you need to do is care for yourself right now.  Your friends and family will understand if you choose not to join in some activities.

2. You can say no.  If you are invited to some holiday parties, but may not feel like going, it is okay to say no.  Others may want to see you out and about , as they simply do not like to see you in pain.  If you choose to decline some activities, a reason does not have to be given.

3.  Less is More.  Perhaps, it might be too painful to put up the tree without the person you lost.  Perhaps you don’t want to decorate your home the way you used too.  Maybe you don’t want to send out Christmas cards because the signature will be different.  Keeping things simple may help you feel less overwhelmed.  If you like, you can add some of the activities back in next year or the year after.