As we approach Father’s Day, we start thinking about our dads and what they mean or meant to us. Father’s Day is a very special day, as it gives us an opportunity to go out of our way and thank our dads for the love and care they showed for us over the years. Sadly, there are some fathers out there who dread Father’s Day. For those dads who have lost a child, Father’s Day is nothing but a harsh reminder of their departed child. Often they suffer the death of their child in silence and the results are tragic.

The Grieving Dads Project

As a father who has lost two children of his own, Kelly Farley knows all too well the pain and suffering that dads go through after the loss of a child. That’s why he has made it his mission to help grieving fathers everywhere to heal with the help and support of other grieving fathers. Grieving Dads is a book compiled of the tragic stories of men who suffer the death of a child. The book serves as a resource for other men to learn that they are not alone in their suffering. The corresponding website serves as a place where grieving dads can go to share their story openly and honestly with the community.

This year, Kelly has taken on the challenge of raising $20,000 to help make his book more accessible to people all over the world. Kelly kicked off the fundraiser in May and the goal is to raise the money by Father’s Day 2012. If you know a grieving dad and don’t know quite how to help him in his time of sorrow, make a donation to the Grieving Dads project. If you yourself are a grieving dad and want to help fellow grieving dads, make a donation. Together, we can help support Kelly and other grieving dads as they work through the pain.

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