Losing your loved one is like getting the wind knocked out of you. For a moment in time, you can’t breathe, you’re disoriented, you may even lose feeling. But instead of the physical loss of feeling you experience after a long fall or punch in the stomach, death causes an emotional loss of feeling. Joy, happiness, excitement, even love seem like sensations that you remember from another lifetime, but never actually experience for yourself. But the truth is, love does live on in you after death. As you work through the healing process, you will start to realize that, and you’ll find love again.


There is no bond stronger than family. The love you have for your family is unconditional. Although death has a way of making us forget this momentarily, your family will always be there for you. As long as your family remains in your life, love will live on in you after death.

Friends & Mentors

Sometimes the sheer magnitude of death can actually bring us closer to people that we might not otherwise have given the opportunity. People have a tendency to bond over the pain of loss and find comfort in sharing the common feelings and experiences that death brings. The friends and mentors that stick by your side during this tragic time are the ones that will be with you forever. Your love and appreciation for these special people will live on in you for years to come.

Your Pet

Is there anyone more reliably there for you than your pet? The bond you have with your pet is something so unique. If nothing else in your day is certain, at least you can count on your dog or cat to be there for you when you come home from work. Not only will they be there, but they’ll greet you with excitement, they forgo any potential for judgement and bring you comfort without having to say a single word. That is love.


Eventually you will love life again. You’ll find joy in your work, your hobbies and the little things that happen every day that make life special and unique. It’s hard to imagine at first. Right now you probably resent everyone around you who appears to love life because it seems so unattainable to you. But trust that one day, you will love life again.

Though it may be hard to imagine at first, love does not die with your loved one. Love will live on in you if you let it. How does love live on in you after the death of your loved one?

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