Include loved ones in milestones

There are many milestones in our life that we want our parents to be a part of. There is nothing worse than going through those times without them there. Whether it is having our dad walk us down the aisle or having our mom holding our hand while we bring life into the world, those are moments every child wants to experience with their parents.

Unfortunately, when our parents are taken from us before these special moments, it can be devastating. That is why I believe it is so important to connect with them so you feel them with you.

You can talk to them regularly, write them letters, or connect via a medium. Love does live on and if you open your heart, your loved one will come to you.

Look for ways that you can include your loved ones in your milestones. Wear something of your mom or dad’s on your wedding day or bring a keepsake to the hospital when you deliver. Having something tangible can help you feel closer.