Your Loved One’s Spirit Is Here. You are saying good-bye to the person’s physical presence, but not the spirit or love. Your loved one’s spirit will continue to live on and connect with you in ways that can be unimaginable right now.

When you think about your loved one, remember his or her love for you. It doesn’t go away. It stays with you. Love is eternal.

Once you have love, you cannot lose it. It is yours always. It does not diminish over time, but continues to grow stronger, especially from the spiritual realm.

Should I ever leave you

I do want you to know,

I am always here with you.

Whether life is fast or slow,

I will always stand beside you,

and I will always be close by.

I will always wipe away your tears

when I see you cry,

for I love you

and never will I truly be gone.

Author-John Harris

 Wishing you healing for today,


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