The following is a guest blog post from Maureen Hunter, creator of the website and blog,


When we have lost a loved one our life is plunged into a new reality we never asked for or ever wanted. We are cast adrift from all we know, all we treasured and are left floundering in the gut wrenching pain of overwhelming grief. We miss them SO much; our hearts feel as if they will never be whole again.

If only we could see them, touch them and smell them. We ache to give them one more hug, hold them and love them. Although those things are a much wished for dream, there are ways we can keep our relationship with our loved one strong, not as we once did but in new and different ways. We can begin to find ongoing and everlasting connections into the unknown, to where they are now. Something I call spinning our gossamer threads.

Connecting with our loved ones in new and different ways gives us a forever part of them as we grieve and as we heal. We never have to think that we are leaving them behind because they are a constant presence in our day to day. Our love for them will never die. Our thoughts are full of them so let’s keep them close to our hearts, and in our lives.

Keep Them Close

Display their photos in beautiful frames, make their favorite clothing into a throw, and find a special place for their treasured mementos. Know that you can touch them, smell them and see them regularly. Keep something with you as you go about your daily life, a photo in your wallet, a special piece of jewelry or a tattoo. No matter where you go, there they are.

Talk to Them

Talk to them in the car and around the house. Say hello in the morning, and kiss their photo good night in the evening. Buy a beautiful journal and write a note to them every day. Tell them what you wanted to say. Tell them how much you miss them. Tell them what’s happening. On special days, write on a colored balloon and let it soar up and beyond.

Hear from Them

Some of you may hear them speaking to you, yet when you go to look there is no-one there. Some things can never be explained logically. Listen to what they are saying. If they come to you in a dream, listen to the words you hear. If your belief system supports it you may consider visiting a spiritual medium. Many have found the communication healing and restorative.

See Them

You notice a shadow in the corner of the room and turn around to see it disappear. Light flickers in strange places that can’t be explained. Electricity does strange things. There may also be signs and symbols that you learn to recognize. Your loved one will find their own special symbol which ‘speaks’ to you in a way that is truly THEM and yours to keep and cherish. Often it is something from the natural world, a persistent type of bird, a special butterfly or a rainbow. You might see signs on car number plates and hear music on the radio at significant times. Feathers drift into your home or in front of your feet and you find coins in unlikely places.

There are many more ways we can continue to keep our loved one with us and notice their presence beyond the physical alone. Keep them near you always and choose the comfort that comes from knowing our connection with them continues from one world to the next as we spin our gossamer threads.

© Maureen Hunter

Maureen Hunter is an inspirational writer and grief steps mentor giving comfort and hope to many. She is
passionate about helping people to step through grief and build a new and different life after loss, one in
which their loved one is always a part of.