Light a candle.

Candles have been used as symbolic activities for centuries for ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays and church services. On a daily basis, the simple act of lighting a candle is enough to put you into a reflective state. The candle light is not only symbolic of your loved one’s spiritual presence, but it encourages you to remember your loved one and think about all of the wonderful moments you spent with them.

Your loved one’s love shone on you throughout your life, similar to how a candle can shine a light on you now. Some ideas for using candles:

·   As a daily ritual, take a minute or two to light a candle in your home and spend some time thinking about your departed loved one.

·   Consider lighting a candle and let it burn all day in your home to represent the eternal love of the person who died. Put the candle in a prominent place so you can be reminded of this love whenever you see it.

·   At special occasions, burn a candle to represent your loved one’s presence. It can be placed on a table where they used to sit for dinner or on a fireplace mantel.

What would you like the light of the candle to represent?