Start and End Each Day with Gratitude

What is the world can there to be grateful for you wonder?  I am in hell, and want to get out.  I am not grateful for anything.   My loved one died.

One way to take you away from your pain, if only for even a moment, is to consider what you might be grateful for in your life.  Your mind cannot hold competing thoughts.

  • Are you grateful for your loved one and how much you loved him or her?  Are you grateful he or she was a positive and caring influence in your life?  Are you grateful you will always have his or her love?
  • What about your life, your child’s life, or the other family members that love you?
  • Or instead, how about the smaller more basics things… your warm home?  The soft bed you sleep in?  The sun on your face?  A piece of chocolate?

Take a minute in the morning and the evening, and try to reflect on three things that are a blessing to you.  Although this may be difficult, please give it a try.  It can be a welcome respite to your weary mind, if only for a moment.

                                                                               Blowing the winds of gratitude your way,