Did you ever think that remembering your loved one could be as simple as looking in the mirror? Or have you ever been taken aback when you heard yourself say something in the same tone, with the same  mannerisms as your departed loved one? The truth is, whether you’re related to your departed loved one by blood, or you just spent the better part of your waking hours with them, you’re bound to share some striking similarities. What characteristics of your departed loved one do you see in yourself?

Listen to Your Words

Were you and your husband the type to finish each others sentences? Did you and your best friend share the same expressions and catch phrases? Usually after you’ve spent a significant amount of time with someone, you start talking like that person. After your loved one has passed away, pay attention to the way you talk. I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how closely your words resemble those of your departed loved one’s.

Pay Attention to Your Voice

Did people constantly confuse you for your brother when talking over the phone? If so, the sound of your own voice could be just the thing you need to remind yourself of your departed loved one on those particularly mournful days.

Compare Photographs

You might not have noticed it, but you probably share a lot of the same physical characteristics with your parents, siblings and even more distant relatives. Following the death of your beloved family member, dig up some old photographs of your loved one and compare them to pictures of yourself. Look for similarities in the eyes, the lines on your faces, and the way you both smile. If you can compare your pictures at similar ages, you’ll likely be able to see the similarities more prominently.

So what am I trying to get at with all of these similarities? The similarities you see in you and your departed loved one can help keep their memory alive. They are daily reminders that you cary with you everywhere. No longer do you need a picture or a video to remember the sound of their voice or the way they smiled at you, because all you have to do is smile into the mirror and you’ll see your departed loved one’s face smiling back.


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