When you are grieving, you need to be with those who support and care for you. Consider people you feel good around, those who lift your energy or give you a shoulder to cry on.

  • Who can I turn to for support when I am afraid or need help?
  • Who successfully comforts me, makes me feel safe and allows me to express my emotions?


In turn, consider limiting interactions with toxic people—those who aren’t supportive or sensitive to your needs. Make a list of family, friends or colleagues that may fall into this category.

  • Who in my life zaps my energy, causes me anxiety or doesn’t support me?
  • What strategies can I use to limit my contact with this person(s)?


You may be surprised by who has the capacity to support you and who doesn’t. Try to forgive those who can’t comfort you, and instead, lean on those who can.

Remember to put your needs first.

Thinking of you,


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