November 2nd is National Look for Circles Day. What?!?!

Days dedicated to special things have always intrigued me but this one really stumped me. From what I could find, it doesn’t look like anyone knows who created “National Look for Circles Day” and why. Which is interesting and got me thinking….so often we search and search for things that are right in front of us.

The idea is to look for circles throughout the day.  It reminded me of when I play car bingo or do road trip scavenger hunts with my son.  So often I will be driving and think, “oh we won’t see one of those” and all of a sudden Jake will say “Look mom! There it is!”

When going through life, it is so easy to feel like we are searching and searching for something when in reality the answer lies right in front of us. Circles are everywhere, just like beauty and happiness. If we focus on the negatives, that is all we will see.

Make a plan to look for as many circles as you can today. Notice how many are all around you. Here is a site that has ideas for scavenger hunts and games that you can do with your coworkers or kids. Then I challenge you to make tomorrow your “Look for the positive in everything day.” Turn your challenges into opportunities and instead of feeling like you are spinning in circles, go out and find your positive circles.