Children have a hard time understanding that just because they can’t see something, it still exists. That’s why they find the game “Peek-a-boo” so entertaining. Have you ever played hide and seek with a small child? They hide in the most obvious places because they truly think that since they can’t see you, you can’t see them either.

If your family has lost someone close to you, explaining death to your children can be very challenging. You need to explain to them that although your loved one has physically left this earth, they are still here in spirit. You must help them to feel your departed loved one’s spiritual presence so that they don’t think your loved one is out of their life completely.

Talk to Your Departed Loved One

Talking to your departed loved one helps you to feel closer to them in their physical absence. Your children might not understand that they can still talk to their loved one after they have passed away, so it’s up to you to teach them. When you find yourself wanting to say something to your loved one, make it a point to say it in front of your children. Explain to them that your loved one is still with you in spirit. Let your children know that your loved one still wants to hear from them and encourage them to continue to talk too.

Give Your Children Encouragement

If your children feel uncomfortable talking to the departed, or aren’t sure what to say, give them some ideas of what to say and lead by example. Here are just a few topics to get them started:

  • Tell them what you did today
  • Tell them you miss them
  • Tell them you love them and you’re praying for them
  • Tell them a funny joke
  • Tell them good morning when you wake up and goodnight before you go to bed
  • Ask them for guidance
  • Ask them to help you through a tough day

Your children are going to have questions for you when you first start talking to the departed, and that’s normal. Do your best to be encouraging and explain to them the importance of staying close with their departed loved ones.

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