Others have made it through loss, and you will too. Some days you may not believe this, but you will. Make a commitment to you and your loved one that you will get through this.

  • Your loved one wants you to be happy and go on to have a great life. You can only do this by going through this phase of your life. You can do it….And you will do it!
  • You may need to pull out your reserves of strength, but they are there. Ready to use, when you need them. Call on them and your network of support!
  • Not only should you make a promise to yourself, but also a commitment to your loved one! This is necessary because sometimes the promises we make can be broken when we are in such pain.

And when you look back at this time, you are not going to feel the pain. Instead, you are going to remember your loved one’s presence in your life…and the love he or she had for you then and still has for you now.

Wishing you strength,


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