Would you like me to reveal the BIGGEST HEALING SECRET of all?

The biggest healing secret of all

The secret is that we are connected as one,
and never separate in spirit.
When someone passes away,
he or she loses their physical body,
but the person’s spirit or soul remains.

Let me share my story of healing of “accidently” meeting a medium. About ten years after my mother died, I was having my first child. To work on my fear of labor, I met a holistic health practioner who taught hypno-birthing. Well, the class worked so well, I went into labor after one class. Not cool!

The cool part, however, was I developed a relationship with my practioner who also gave “angel therapy” readings. She did not advertise this service, and I just “happened” to see it on her website when I was researching her offerings.

Not really knowing what “angel therapy” was about, I made an appointment with my practioner that forever changed my life! Similar to John Edward or James Van Praagh, except better, my practioner was able to connect with my deceased loved ones. It was the REAL DEAL! I had no idea that the practioner capable of this and was totally shocked, surprised and dumfounded.

She told me things that only I would have known. She explained how my father died, what he looked like and other unique details. She also did the same for my mother’s circumstances. I was floored as my father died when I was only 4, and my mother died when I was 28. The messages that came through were simply UNBELIEVABLE.