The obituary does not have to be the only time you honor your loved one in the newspaper. You can pay tribute to them anytime. It can be done when you are having a hard time or on a milestone date such as your loved one’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or other holidays or meaningful occasions.

You may want to consider publishing a memorial verse. Typically a verse will be placed near the obituary section of the newspaper. Consider writing a short poem or choose a meaningful saying from a book or gift item. Alternately, ask a friend or family to help you with the selection. Choose one of your favorite photos of your loved one to accompany the verse.

A memorial verse can be as simple as:

Forever Loved, Forever Remembered

Photo of Loved One

Name of Loved One

Our Father, Son, Brother and Friend

Give yourself enough time to choose or carefully write the memorial verse. Rest assured, whatever you choose will be just right. Clip the memorial verse for your scrapbook or and make laminated copies for other family members. Acknowledge yourself for the public action of affirming what your loved one means to you.

Honoring your loved one,