A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity. – Alexander Smith

Oak Tree Sunrise, Ansel Adams


One of the most thoughtful sympathy gifts I received after my mother died was a gift certificate to a local nursery to purchase a tree.  Now 15 years later, every time I look out my kitchen window I see this beautiful tree, which reminds me of my mother and the thoughtfulness of our friends who gave us this gift.  Planting a tree as a lasting memorial is a meaningful way to create someone you lost.

Planting a tree is a meaningful and lasting way to create a memorial for someone you lost. Nothing better represents the cycle of life than a growing tree…from the spring buds….to the beautiful summer blooms…to the falling leaves and winter rest.  All for the growth cycle to begin again.

You may wonder what kind of tree to plant?  Are there certain trees that you like or perhaps ones that your loved one enjoyed?  For some ideas:

Oak trees represent strength.

Willow trees represent release and a new start

Cypress trees represent endings

Yew trees symbolize immortality.

Hoping you find just the right way to memorialize the person you lost,



Under the weeping willow tree (simpleme2.wordpress.com)