When you do decide to go through your loved one’s clothing, you may not be sure what to do with it. Today there are many options if you give some creative thought to the process. Really think about how you can turn your loved one’s belongings into something memorable.

Some ideas include:

Turn Your Loved One's Belongings Into Something Memorable

Sam Hyun (1977-2012) Memorial Quilt for Ezra, June 2012 (Photo credit: daintytime)

1.    Pick some of your favorite or sentimental clothing items of your loved one, and have it made into a memory quilt for you. Throw it on a bed, hang it on the wall, or drape it over a couch.

2.   Consider turning some clothing into a stuffed teddy bear for you or other children in the family. This tangible item, especially when placed on the bed, can also serve a small but meaningful item of comfort.

3.   Pieces of clothing can be used to decorate a memory box, scrap book or serve as a journal cover.

4.   Clothes can even be repurposed into items for children such as hair bands, mittens, scarves or sweaters.

To find a quilter, seamstress or artist to make a custom item search online at www.Etsy.com to find someone who can make you a custom item. You may also get a lot of new ideas as you browse online. Alternately, ask your funeral home or local hospice for recommended artists.

Be creative and you may be surprised by the great ideas you come up with!


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