Sympathy cards can be a quick and easy way of expressing your condolences at someone’s loss, but too often, they just don’t make the right statement.  When you need to make a more unique and personal gesture, why not consider taking the next step and sending a sympathy gift instead?  It can help you to get your message across in just the right way so that your friend or family member knows how much you really care.

Expressing sympathy is never an easy thing to do.  It is hard to know exactly what to say and how to go about saying it.  Truth be known, for those who are grieving there may not be any right words.  Often, just knowing that others are there and offering support during this terrible time can be enough.  That’s why a choosing a sympathy gift can make such an important impression.

In many ways, relying on sympathy cards can be an easy out.  Instead of finding your own words, you can let those already printed speak for you.  But that doesn’t really communicate how you feel and can even feel awkward and impersonal.  A handpicked gift, on the other hand, shows that you are putting real thought into your expression of sympathy and can say more than words ever could.

There are many advantages to sending a gift of sympathy or remembrance.  Not only can you choose something that expresses your personal emotions, you can also send it at any time, which can be more significant than you realize. Rather than adding to the rush of sympathetic expressions that come immediately after a loss, a gift sent later can be a way of reminding your loved one that your support is lasting.


And the form of the gift can be so much more touching than even the most beautiful of sympathy cards.  A garden stone, wind chime or plaque with an inspirational saying can offer reassurance that the mourner is not alone in his or her grief.  A music box that plays a special song can add even more emotional impact, helping to keep the deceased close in mind and heart.

Or perhaps a more personal remembrance such as a piece of jewelry or a photo frame is more appropriate.  Gifts can even be used to ease the pain of losing a beloved pet, with a stone marker or a photo ornament that includes an inspirational message.  There is almost no end to the possibilities when it comes to expressing your grief with a remembrance rather than words.

It’s understandable to feel that words fail you at such a difficult time, but you don’t have to feel obliged to rely on the impersonal sentiment of sympathy cards.  You can show your loved one how you feel with a personal and meaningful gift that speaks volumes.  It’s a beautiful way of demonstrating your lasting care and support throughout the grieving process.

Saying goodbye is never easy and everyone grieves in his or her own way.  At the same time, there is no one right way to express your sympathy.  Don’t assume that cards or flowers are your only options.  Consider giving a sympathy gift instead