All-in-one sympathy card and booklet full of inspirational sayings to comfort the bereaved.

Forever in My Heart sympathy card and booklet

Sympathy cards come in many different forms, from elaborate, long verses to simple, straightforward sentiments.  Whichever type you choose, knowing what to say in a sympathy card can be challenging.

The problem many have when writing an expression of condolence is trying to find just the right words to express themselves.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any magic, right words.  If there were the perfect words to make everything better, the bereavement process would be easier, but that’s not the case.  Everyone grieves differently and will respond differently to condolence messages.

Rather than trying to find those perfect words, the best thing you can do when it comes to expressing sympathy is just be yourself.  Your support and encouragement are what is most needed at a difficult time. Reaching out to the bereaved with an honest, straightforward statement of your feelings can mean the world.  Some words to consider may include:

  • I am very sorry for your loss of John. Wishing you comfort in the days ahead.
  • Mary will always live on in your memory and heart.
  • We will miss John very much. He was a wonderful man.
  • I am very sorry for the loss of David.
  • Our deepest sympathy is with you and your family.
  • You have your father’s strength and will carry on his legacy with love and grace.
  • Sending our deepest condolences on the sad loss of Julie.
  • I have such fond memories of Mary growing up. She will be deeply missed.
  • Sue was a wonderful friend, mother and sister. Sending my deepest condolences.
  • We will be remembering and honoring a well-lived life.
  • John will never be forgotten.  His love will live on, always.
  • Sending prayers and blessings to you.
  • Words are inadequate to express our feelings about the death of John.
  • We are thinking of you today and in the days ahead.
  • Our hearts go out to you in your time of loss.
  • Mary will remain in our hearts forever.


If you are having a particularly difficult time expressing yourself, you may want to consider giving a bereavement gift.  Cards can be wonderful on their own, but they can have even more meaning when paired with a small token that acts as a visible way to remember lost loved ones.e

If you’re searching for the ideal way to express yourself at a time of loss, try not to focus on finding the right words and just use your own.  Nothing makes more of a statement in a time of grief than a simple message that comes directly from the heart.

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