What to say, What to say in the sympathy card?  This is how my whole business started….with this question, how to support others when they lose a loved one?
When my mom passed away, right before Christmas in 1996, my life was undeniable shaken and simply would not be the same again.  I noticed that people had a hard time expressing their sympathy, and within a few weeks after the funeral, after all the cards stopped and I felt alone.
Over the years, I came to understand that people just aren’t comfortable with death, unless perhaps they have gone through a loss themselves.  To help other people from feeling alone, I started to share some of my writing with others who lost a family member.
The great thing about the written word is that it can be turned to time and again for support, at any time whether in the afternoon or in the middle of the night….for that extra support when you need it.
One of my favorite poems, Forever in My Heart, was dedicated to my husband’s brother, Michael Hanson (aka Waldo). Waldo passed away at 50, and his two beautiful kids have many of his wonderful traits.  My writing reflects my belief that our loved one are with us, guiding us from above.
Below is a short excerpt from Forever in My Heart, dedicated to Waldo.
“Let your faith be strong, for I’m home where I belong.
Please don’t be unhappy because I’m not in your sight.
I’m by your side every morning, noon and night”