Grief Help

How do we release grief from our bodies? We can use a release tool – where does your grief reside?

Each of us carries our grief in a different part of our bodies.  For me, it was migraine headaches for a good six months as well as weight loss.

For others, it could be a pain in the shoulders or neck or a heart that literally aches with loss.  Where does your grief most commonly reside?

Here’s a tool for you, which may help you to consciously recognize the physical pains of grieving, and most importantly, to learn to release this pain.

Speak the word “grief.” Then, take your right hand and put it immediately on that part of the body which pops in your mind.  Wherever it is, leave your hand there. Take very slow, very deep  breaths. Now let it out a big, big “sighing” breath. The tension can release and make your body more relaxed.  Use deep breaths from your abdomen and not your chest.

By doing this exercise as much as you can, you’ll learn to physically “let go” of your aches and pains, which can give your body more energy for emotional healing.