What can you do for someone who has been diagnosed with cancer? Cancer is a powerful disease that can make even the strongest feel powerless when faced with the diagnoses. You wish you could just make it go away, but you can’t. So the next best thing is to help them through it and show your support. Giving gifts to someone who has cancer can be a thoughtful way to show you care.

You can show support in a number of ways, but a heartfelt gift can be just the thing that lifts their spirits on a particularly dark day. The right gift can help the person through the struggle in times when you personally cannot. Here are some ideas of  gifts to give to someone who is battling cancer to help them fight on.


Although cancer is a physical illness, you can’t deny the power of a good positive mental attitude. However, keeping a positive attitude and finding the strength to fight on isn’t easy. Help your loved one stay motivated with a motivational keep sake. Something they can look at every day as a reminder to keep fighting.

This “Have Hope” Sign and “What Cancer Cannot Do” sign have wonderful motivational messages. Help your loved one hang the sign somewhere they will see it everyday and stay motivated.


Death is a reality for everyone, but when faced with a terminal illness, it becomes much more immanent. People realize that they need to make use of their precious time on earth and live life to the fullest. Give your loved one something inspiring. Something to breathe life into their hopes and dreams.

This “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” sign exudes life and the happiness that comes to those who live everyday as if it were their last.


Sometimes a word of encouragement and support is all a person needs to get through a tough day. Anyone suffering from cancer is going to have their fair share of tough days, and you might not always be around to reach out to them. Give your loved one something like these Charms of Encouragement to keep with them at all times.

So what do you get for someone who is suffering from cancer? Something that will resonate with your loved one and bring value well beyond the day you gave the gift.