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Memorial Garden Stones & Chimes

Pay tribute to a life well lived by providing a unique gift for a memorial garden. The recipient will have a physical reminder of your love as well as lasting tribute to the person loved.

In addition to the hand-picked collection of memorial garden stones and stepping stones, a wind chime or angel figure could also make for a lovely gift for the patio or deck. Alternately, a special place in the yard can be decorated with statuary, plants and a memorial bench.

Memorial gardens provide a lovely respite for the grieving heart. You can decorate them with special items that are reminders of your loved one. Consider your beloved’s favorite colors, favorite flowers, favorite scents, hobbies, and interests when you choose items for this sacred and healing space. Pick objects that bring you joy rather than sadness, so the garden provides peace, hope and inspiration.

Whatever memorial you choose for the garden, the purpose is the same – to provide soothing comfort that can be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.

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  • Memorial Garden Stone - Heaven in Your Home - Remembrance Gift

    Heaven in Your Home Memorial Garden Stone
  • Sympathy Wind Chime

    "A Time for Purpose" Sympathy Wind Chime
  • Mother - A Heart So Deeply Loved Garden Stake

    Mother-A Heart So Deeply Loved - Memorial Garden Stake
  • Memorial Stepping Stone: A Life So Beautifully Lived

    Memorial Stepping Stone - "A Life So Beautifully Lived"
  • Father - Love Lives Forever Garden Stake

    Loss of Father - "A Father's Love Lives Forever" Garden Stake
  • "In Memory" Angel Garden Stone

    "In Memory" Sympathy Angel Garden Stone
  • Baby Angel Memorial Garden Stone

    Baby Angel Garden Stone
  • Memorial Stepping Stone: Those We Have Held In Our Arms

    "Those We Have Held In Our Arms" Memorial Stepping Stone
  • Memorial Stepping Stone: Gone Yet Not Forgotten

    "Gone Yet Not Forgotten" Stepping Stone
  • Memorial Windchime - Memories Last Forever

    Memorial Wind Chime - Memories Last Forever - Sympathy Gift
  • Heaven's Tears Memorial Wind Chime

    Memorial Garden Wind Chime - "Heaven's Tears" Sympathy Gift
  • Memorial Wind Chime - "In Angels Arms"

    Memorial Wind Chime - "In Angels Arms"
  • "Comfort and Light" Sympathy Wind Chime

    "Comfort and Light" Sympathy Wind Chime
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