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Bereavement Gifts

When it matters most, thoughtful bereavement gifts can help celebrate a life well lived and help express your condolences. Choose a meaningful gift from our hand-picked collection of appropriate and beautiful keepsakes, including remembrance candles, memory boxes, photo frames and stunning angels that will be treasured for years to come.

After losing a loved one, the bereaved need something real to “hold on” to and a sympathy gift will serve this concrete purpose, unlike flowers which die and donations which are not seen by the family. A remembrance gift can be displayed in a special place in the home, memorial garden, or a favorite spot of the deceased, so it can be appreciated each day. Memorial gifts can reflect the interests and life of the deceased, whether a framed photo of a special vacation, a memory book of milestone dates, a keepsake symbolizing a hobby, or a memorial item signifying the deceased’s values and priorities.

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