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Pet Memorial Gifts

The loss of a pet can deeply affect a person spiritually, emotionally and physically. Pets are our faithful friends, providing loyalty and companionship on good days and bad days. Pets comfort us, and when we lose these cherished companions, the compassion and sympathy we need for dealing with their death is often lacking.

To help honor the lives of the pets we love and come to terms with loss, pet memorial gifts can serve as tangible reminders of what our pets mean to us. A memorial angel, photo frame or bereavement garden stone can be used to honor your pet in a special place in your home or garden. When you see this memorial, you will be reminded of your pet’s eternal love.

Finding Comfort in Losing Your Best Friend
Little children and older or unmarried adults often bear the loss of a pet with more pain than other pet owners. Children are often ill equipped to understand death when they lose a pet, or may be unprepared for the grief that they feel. If your child, elderly parent, or a single close friend recently lost a pet, a small token of sympathy from you can go a long way in helping them through their difficult time. They will appreciate the gesture, and know that you understand and acknowledge how they are feeling.

Creating a Memorial
Pet memorials can allow your four-legged friends to retain their place in the family permanently. A nicely framed picture or a paw print stone can help keep your beloved companion’s memory alive and in a place of honor in your home. Gifts such as books, charms or jewelry, may help the youngest members of your family come to terms with a tragic loss of a cherished animal.

The grief felt for a pet is very real, and giving the bereaved a meaningful memorial to acknowledge the pain and sorrow will be sure to be appreciated. Browse through our collection and see what keepsake is appropriate for the loss of a pet.

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  • Faithful Friend Pet Memorial Gift

    Pet Memorial Gift – Faithful Forever
  • Beloved Pet Dog Memorial Gift

    Beloved Pet Dog Memorial Gift
  • Pet memorial ornament "We'll Meet You at the Bridge"

    "We'll Meet You at the Bridge" ornament
  • "In Loving Remembrance" Pewter Dog Photo Ornament

    "In Loving Remembrance" Dog Memorial Ornament
  • In Loving Remembrance Pewter Cat Photo Ornament

    "In Loving Remembrance" Pewter Cat Photo Ornament